Tuesday, 22 May 2012

breaking free

feeling a bit naughty for not blogging lately... i've been taking a break, gathering my thoughts, scouring blogs for inspiration, planning dinner parties, and spending time with family and friends.

i really want to get some more cooking blogs up soon, i've been indulging in some fantastic feasts and feel i should share them with you.

until then here are some images that have been captivating my imagination lately -  quotes, taylor tomasi hill (LOVE HER) lots of colour and my star sign...

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

all about me

it's my birthday today - yay! i've always been a LOVER of birthday's. family and friends have been showering me with love and affection from the early hours of this morning from far and wide.  birthday's are such a fabulous excuse to celebrate - it's all about learning from the past and making plans for the future which is exactly what i intend to do...

this year means

having fun with family and friends
letting go
making plans
surrounding myself with amazing people
eating amazing food
drinking wine on lazy afternoons
taking risks
 to laugh - A LOT
spreading the love and being loved in return, and if needs be
dancing in the rain!

hope you all have an amazing day, i intend to

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

that list

they all hate us

remember that list i made back in december, 32 before 31? well it's my birthday tomorrow (3/5) so i thought i should revisit the list and see how much i have accomplished and modify a few things...

 32 things to do before i turn 31

1.       spend more time with family
2.       go to regular yoga classes
i have started taking regular pilates classes twice a week
3.       learn backgammon
mum and i learnt how to play over christmas
4.       cook every recipe from a cooking magazine or cook book
modification - cook more from my cookbooks - i am having so much fun doing this
5.       learn to run (properly)
6.       have a massive wardrobe clean out
7.       make photo albums from my travels
8.       re-establish the cooking / entertaining ‘supper club’ with my girlfriends
work in progress
9.       entertain at home on a monthly basis
this ties nicely in with #4 - loving it
10.   take a cooking class at a cooking school
11.   start clearing my debt
12.   pull off the fundraiser i am currently organising with friends
A Real Affair raised $14,000 for Cancer Council Queensland - so proud
13.   send more handwritten letters
14.   organise a fantastic night out with girlfriends
15.   host an afternoon tea with all the trimmings
i am planning an afternoon tea for mothers day
16.   start a beauty routine and look after my skin
i have found some amazing products - i will write a beauty blog soon
17.   read more books
18.   redecorate my room (as far as i can – i rent)
19.   attend one of my nephew’s day care days or concerts
20.   learn to sew
21.   plan an overseas trip for 2013
22.   go to sydney and melbourne in 2012
23.   take more photos
24.   start a proper savings account
25.   frame more pictures
26.   do more things that make me happy
27.   stop trying so hard to please others and please myself
work in progress
28.   walk to and from work at least 3 times a week
29.   make jam or relish from scratch
30.   go to splendour in the grass 2012
sadly this isn't going to happen - we missed out on tickets...
modification: see more live music
31.   write regular blogs
32.   take every opportunity that comes my way
11 out of 32 is a good start, and from memory i think i gave myself the year to see this out!
i have planned a dinner party on saturday night with friends to celebrate another year... can't wait for some good food, good wine, good music and most of all good company! i just love birthdays... tomorrow is a new day so what better quote than to take it as
depends what day it is

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

tuesday tunes

the voice | mitchell vs fatai - i love the way you lie

i have become quite the fan of 'the voice'... and last night this song really did it for me... such a fantastic performance, such a hard choice.


outfit perfection...
rich girls
i'll be back tonight with a tuesday tune...