Thursday, 27 September 2012

i can't wait

i can't wait for the weekend to begin.... which for me is at 5pm this afternoon. i have treated myself with a 5 day weekend and it's going to be FUN and RELAXING.

tomorrow i'm joining my mum and a few of her friends at the cookbook signing of annabel langbien's new cookbook - simple pleasures. i came across annabel through my mum and through my flatmate (who hails from NZ herself). her cooking is simple and delicious. she's kind of my kiwi donna hay! you all know how much i love foodie book signings! then i'm off to lunch with my sister and my adorable and cheeky 3 year old nephew, can't wait.

saturday i'm going coastal for 4 days down over the border to coffs harbour with one of my girlfriends, which we will spend chilling out. i can't wait!

i'll be back to more regular posting soon!!


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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


so i missed the start of spring! how glorious is the weather? the sun is shining and things seem brighter. its time to peel off the layers of dark and opt for pops of bright colours, flowy fabrics, skirts instead of jeans, fresh flowers, fruity cocktails, white wine spritzers and lazy days in the park soaking up the sunshine. i am loving it.

i haven't had too much time to blog lately, work is crazy busy.

i can't wait for my holiday to bali, it's only 10 weeks away.
(not that i'm counting)

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