Sunday, 19 August 2012

precious last hours

i'm spending the last precious hours of my weekend watching gossip girl re-runs, and drinking a glass of white wine. bliss. i forget how amazing the fashions in gossip girl are, the clothes, the accessories, the men, gahhh. i would love to have their endless choices tomorrow morning when i to go work...

i'm really excited to be attending the brisbane launch of 'the league of extraordinary women' this week - the league's idea is to create "an opportunity for women to get together to be inspired, empowered and to create strong lasting relationships and partnerships with other young females" - check out their website for more information... tickets are still on sale if any of you are interested in coming along?

oh my sunday just got better, i'm off for anoter glass of white wine with my flatmate... yay!

they all hate us, the copycat followed you, depends what day it is
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


i woke up this morning with a spring in my step (spring is only two weeks away after all) and a smile on my face, today is a public holiday in brisbane. a day off to take a deep breath, and regroup for the next two days of working. its such a glorious day here, the sun is shining and i'm off to a picnic.

they all hate us, depends what day it is
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Thursday, 2 August 2012

a to the t

wow is it august already??? where has the time gone? this year has been a roller coaster ride and i'm on the high at the moment, and just so you know - it's going to stay that way. lots of fun times and magical memories to be made.

this time last year i was madly organising hawaii, now i'm dreaming (and wanting to start counting down) about my girls trip to bali for my awesome girlfriends wedding... just what the soul needs, sun rays, cocktails, private villas, awesome company, shopping and a memorable wedding...

bring. it. on.

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