Saturday, 31 December 2011

n y e

its time to say goodbye to another year.

2011 was a year of growth, creativity, an amazing holiday, memorable family moments, unforgettable memories made with friends, and lots of fun. trawling through twitter and facebok today its clear that we need to celebrate our wins, forget our losses, and move forward with a positive view. sometimes life is hard, but it's how you deal with those challenges in the moment that makes you who you are.

i am looking forward to 2012 and what lies ahead.

tonight i am celebrating with some fantastic friends, i can't wait to pop open some bubbles, glam up and dance the night away.

xo xo xo


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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

a few days later

what a festive season. i've fallen back in love with this time of year, it's the best christmas i've had in years, i had some amazing family time. i cooked up some delicious dishes for my family inspired by my favourite foodies. i attempted and mastered donna's amazing pork belly, my nephew loved my take on nigella's 'cosmo cocktail sausages' and we all loved jamie's famous roast chicken again. i even popped in at a friends place for their desert competition on christmas night, all very delicious!

i spent a few hours being taught backgammon by my mum only for my brother in law to come over and teach us the right way, i still didn't win a game, i think i need to keep playing! a road trip to byron was in order yesterday with some girlfriends, it's such a calm tranquil place... the weather turned during lunch so we didn't get the opportunity for a swim, what a great excuse to go back.

today i'm off to woodford (my first time) with my friend jane. i'm really looking forward to seeing gotye, husky, elixir and andy bull. i just hope the rain holds off today.

for you ej!
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

last day... and so it begins

last day in the office today, you can't begin to imagine how that makes me feel. the weight is lifting off my shoulders as i type this. i am imagining days full of eating, drinking, swimming, movies, socialising, and lots of fun over the festive season with my family and friends.

i have been massively spoilt my my team of "boys" as i like to call them at work, i got a stunning cookbook, a beautiful plant, a bottle of red, a bottle of moet and a vintage 2002 bottle of moet today just to top it off.

my sister and i are braving the shopping centre tonight for last minute gifts... and tomorrow - a sleep in... ahhhhh

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

tuesday tunes

wow. i haven't written a post in a week. this time of year is a bit crazy busy, being social, attending festivities. we're back to the tuesday tunes... this week i'm sharing a song from my movie of the year soundtrack 'little white lies'. you know how much i loved this movie, i wrote about it here. this song features as everyone drives to Cap Ferrat - the vacation destination. i have had this song on repeat up full blast in my car over the weekend. for whatever reason i just can't get past it, it makes me what to dance. maybe its putting me in the holiday mood for my impending summer break. 

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

tuesday tunes

its a blast from the past but this is one of my favourite beatles songs. its said that george harrison wrote this in eric clapton's garden whilst absent from an apple board meeting. it is the first song on side two of the 'abbey road' album.  my parents have this record, and i have fond memories of coming home from school to an empty house and turning up the volume LOUD.

this album has some of my favourite beatles songs with 'come together' and 'something' - apparently this was john lennon's favourite song on the album and paul mccartney thought it possibly the best george harrison had ever written.  there are some fun ones on there with 'maxwells silver hammer' and 'octopus's garden'.

speaking of sun, its back out again here in brisbane, i have a packed weekend ahead so i hope it decides to stay...

for you sj xo
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