Tuesday, 13 December 2011

tuesday tunes

its a blast from the past but this is one of my favourite beatles songs. its said that george harrison wrote this in eric clapton's garden whilst absent from an apple board meeting. it is the first song on side two of the 'abbey road' album.  my parents have this record, and i have fond memories of coming home from school to an empty house and turning up the volume LOUD.

this album has some of my favourite beatles songs with 'come together' and 'something' - apparently this was john lennon's favourite song on the album and paul mccartney thought it possibly the best george harrison had ever written.  there are some fun ones on there with 'maxwells silver hammer' and 'octopus's garden'.

speaking of sun, its back out again here in brisbane, i have a packed weekend ahead so i hope it decides to stay...

for you sj xo
s-e-a-s-h-e-l-l-s and that girl lucy

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