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the year ahead

happy new year, hope you saw 2013 in with happiness, love, and style.

you all know i love a good star sign reading. here is the susan miller russh magazine prediction for taurus in 2013...


This is a big year for you, with emphasis on many fronts – money, travel, romance, commitment, health, career and communication. Let’s take each one at a time and see what is in store for you.

First, when it comes to money management, as a Taurus, you often show a natural talent for making money – and making it grow. It has been said that a Taurus needs a generous nest egg to feel fully secure, and if that is true for you, you should be quite content during the first half of 2013. You will be able to increase your income by quantum leaps.

You will earn your money the old fashioned way, for this will not be money you win, receive as a gift, or get approved as a loan. This is good news, for if you can earn good money now, you will find ways to earn more in the future. It seems that you will create a new salary baseline that you can build upon the future. Certain industries will be especially strong for you. They include book, magazine and internet publishing, broadcasting, advertising, publicity, film, software and app development, travel, tourism, shipping, courier, and transportation industries, automotive, motorcycle and cruise ships, marketing, public relations and sales.

By late May and June you will do so well financially that you may assume that you’ve made it to easy street. Still, in life, things can’t always be this sweet, so when generous amounts of money begin to roll in (or, you see that unusual, big raise), be grateful. See if you can find a way to save some of your stash or to lower your debt substantially. The first half of the year will be stronger financially than your second half. It has been twelve years, to back to June 2000 to June 2001, since you’ve had generous Jupiter to help you in this area. Back then, your outlook was not as special, for you hosted Saturn in a difficult spot – in Gemini – which took away some of Jupiter’s splendor. Now, twelve years later, you will have a far better situation.

You will earn the old fashioned way, not money you win, receive as a gift, or as a loan. That’s good news, for if you can earn good money now, and once you show that you are able to raise your baseline, you can build upon it, and will find ways to earn more in the future. Certain industries will be especially strong for you. They include book, magazine and Internet publishing, broadcasting, software and app development, telecommunications, travel and transportation industries – including automotive, and jobs involving marketing, public relations and sales. All these areas shine for you now.

On 25 June 25, Jupiter will leave the financial part of your chart, so prior to that date, you must do your best to get your foot in the door of any influential person who will see you. In truth the projects you developed the actions you took, and contacts you made from 4 June 2011 to 11 June 11 2012 (the time Jupiter toured Taurus) will be the most fruitful for you in early 2012, for you will see a time of exceptional flowering of lucrative opportunity.

In terms of your career, the first quarter of the year should be quite exciting. Mars will tour your fame and honors section from 25 December 2012 to 1 February 2013, and help you lay the groundwork for your bigger month, February. During January, work on perfecting your resume and begin to notify friends that you are interested in finding a new position. At work, speak with your boss about taking on new responsibilities. The, by the new moon 9 February and the ten days to follow, you will enter into an enormously important time for career progress, them most important of the year. Act quickly after the new moon arrives for best luck – 11 or, if possible, 12 February – for good results.

How well you learn to express information will make or break your success during; the second half of the year. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will tour your third house of communication and will teach you to become more sophisticated and masterful at writing, speaking, editing, translating, negotiating, coding, teaching, or publicising anything you are passionate about. When you explore other forms of communication, all will improve and you can now raise your mastery over words in ways that will surprise you.

So important is communication is that the ancient astrologers felt that this entire area deserved an entire house of the horoscope to itself.  You can dream big this year – if you want to write a book, or write a cover story for a magazine, write a screenplay, learn a dialect to act in a movie, do a lecture tour on a topic you have expertise, or have a similar big idea – then you must launch it in the second half of the year, in any month after 25 June, you will have the best opportunity to have that big success. Actually, July will be especially wonderful time for you to make your attempt. Show your past work and new ideas, or take classes so that you can become proficient. Your destiny may await you!

In romance, if you are dating seriously, Saturn, the taskmaster planet, entered your seventh house of marriage last 5 October 2012 to stay until September 2015. Saturn may encourage you to make a serious commitment; Saturn will pose a few obstacles to test your union’s strength and durability. If you love each other, and you both remain loyal, you can surmount any test and grow closer. During this time, you will learn a great deal about the character of your partner and hopefully you will like what you see. 

There is another way Saturn may deliver its message. Saturn is the great teacher, so wherever we host Saturn is where we get the biggest lessons in life. In this case you will host Saturn for three years in your house of marriage and commitment, so if you are with a person who does not value your time, and you hope for marriage, you may find later regret that you gave that person so much of your time. Saturn can be the tough love planet, and we all get a bit of Saturn in all phases of our lives for two-and-a-half or three years. You just started this trend, so you will have to see what comes up.

If you’re single and dating and you find your current partner is not interested in marriage, you will leave to find someone more suitable. Saturn is now opposed to your Sun, so you have become more realistic, and you will find that your time will become more precious. You will not wait for some uncertain future.

Single or attached, will find the very best opportunity to find new love at the 5 September new moon, a very happy time for you in the two weeks that follows. The person you meet at that time is likely to stay in your life a very long time, if not forever.

If you are attached, your partner may go through a difficult patch, where you will be called to be a lighthouse of energy to your partner in some significant way. You may feel burdened, but this is a necessary part of your evolving maturity. Some people need just a little Saturn, and some people need a lot, but Saturn will give you precisely what you need to need to learn.

If you are in a relationship and you suspect that you are incompatible, you will have to decide what to do, for with Saturn you will no longer be able to put off the decision about your future. You can try to fix things and that might work out well. Or, if you feel things are simply hopeless, things will go from bad to worse and you will part. Saturn will not allow things to remain status quo.  The relationship will not stay the same. This is a rare aspect that comes by every 29 years, and depending where Saturn is at the time of your birth, you may experience Saturn two or three times in your life, but each time become easier, because presumably you have already learned a great deal the first time.

As an aside, in terms of health, now and in coming years, you will have to take very good care of yourself. Saturn opposed to the Sun is very strenuous, and at times your ability to fight off colds and viruses will be low. If you were born 20 April to 10 May (or even a few days beyond) you will have to be extra careful as Saturn will make a direct opposition to your Sun during this time. Taurus born later in the sign will feel this aspect in 2014 but it’s always good to get strong ahead of time.

All Saturn transits are like a rite of passage. You may feel that you have become more grown up, and that you are ready for more responsibilities. If you are ready for marriage, you will marry within the coming three years, and you may even do something else that is new to you, in addition to becoming married, such as to buy a house or have a baby. Whatever you choose to do will be new to you, and will require study or advice from friends, but will bring you enormous satisfaction and wisdom.

If you are single and hope to find someone new this year, Saturn’s tour of Scorpio and your house of marriage will not have as powerful affect on as it will on those attached. The only difference you may notice is that you will be more discriminating about the people you will date, for you will be more serious about building a stable relationship for your future. If you want marriage, you won’t date types that are clearly not suitable. Still, be careful not to eliminate too many suitors form your list of qualifications; you may stop seeing someone who has an excellent potential to make you happy.

The full moon of 25 February will be quite important, as it will bring the full moon in your house of true love, and with Pluto so friendly to your Sun and full moon, you may travel together, and weave quite a wonderful, sentimental memory.

The time after the new moon, 11 March, will be sensationally social too, and you may have at least one big, quite glamorous event to attend at that time. Saturn will be in a perfect position to help you make new friends, and among them may be one special person you will want to date.

After that, you will enter you best time, dear Taurus, to find new love or to could again take flight in a big way – it may turn out to be you best time of the year. Single or married, you’re sure to get a lot of attention from your romantic partner, 5 September, plus two weeks. (Those born on or within five days of 3 May will enjoy this new moon the most.) This new moon will be the most important new moon of the year to bring you more love and attention. It is vital that you circulate in the two weeks that follows this new moon, but begin doing so early, 5, 6 and 7 September, as soon as that new moon appears.

If you hope for a baby, you may do well to try during your most fertile times, in the two weeks that FOLLOW – not before – the following dates: 11 January (the new moon in Capricorn), 11 March (the new moon in Pisces), 9 May (the new moon in Taurus), 5 September (the new moon in Virgo). These are your best times in 2013 to try for conception, or to do something special for a child you have now.

After this, love may blossom again from 15 October to 7 December 2013. This will be a wonderful time for love, and as you see, bring you an enormously large window of time to meet your destined lover, or to fan the fires of love in a present relationship that has become too predictable. Uranus will cause cosmic storms to blow through at the end of October and early November, so don’t plan a holiday at that time, as things may not go smoothly for anyone at that time. 

Dear Taurus, you have so much to look forward to in 2013!

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