Thursday, 24 October 2013

all of our wildest times

they all hate us, depends what day it is, a momentary happiness 
wow life has been completley hectic over the last few months. but how is this change of season, it feels like summer, bring it on...
things i'm loving about life right now are
sunny days
beaufiful family time
amazing friends, international and interstate phone calls
social activities
bbq's on my patio
marinades for the bbq (i'll blog about this soon!)
amazing afternoon breezes
days are gone - haim (favourite song - if i could change your mind)
lara and sam
the return of the maxi dress
weekends at the beach - swimming in the ocean - salty hair - sand between my toes
early morning sculpt classes and lunch time pilates
trying out different white wine varieties - loving a pinot gris and a chardonnay (shock horror!)
amazing salad combinations
the list goes on.... enjoy your day lovers xx
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