Tuesday, 21 May 2013

#17 to #21

#17 - your highs and lows of this past year
highs = spending time with my nephew and family, going to bali with the girls for my girlfriends wedding, meeting that same girlfriends twin boys (swoon), pulling off another successful year of 'a real affair'

lows = the passing of my grandmother

#18 - your beliefs

honesty, happiness, treat people how you expect to be treated, laughter, karma, respect, love, be genuine, be good, always be yourself.

#19 - disrespecting your parents
gosh. this is not ok. in saying that - teenage years did not always see me in the best light. there was defiance, and angst. but i was saying to my mum the other day, that i see both her and my dad as friends now, people i want to spend time with, go to the movies with, cook dinner for, and overall i enjoy their company, we're friends now, i have the utmost respect for the pair of them. it couldn't have been easy dealing with teenage me, total respect to them!

#20 - how important do you think education is
important. what ever happened to times tables, spelling bees and the difference between nouns, verbs, pro-nouns etc?
i believe strongly in educating yourself in something you love doing, not something you think others believe you should study.

#21 - one of your favourite shows
i have so many... but one of my all time favourites would have to be
"love my way"

depends what day it is, beautiful nomad, they all hate us, veronica loves archie, a momentary happiness
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