Friday, 10 May 2013

#3 to #10

#3 - your views on drugs and alcohol
drugs - no thanks.
alcohol - who doesn't love a glass of wine with dinner, catching with friends over a few martini's, a late night gin refashioned, a glass of wine after a long day? yes please.

#4 - your views on religion
i'm not religious. i'm all for people and their beliefs, but i don't believe people should force their opinions onto others.

#5 - a time you thought about ending your own life

#6 - write thirty interesting facts about yourself
i'm the youngest of two, size 10 feet, broken four bones, clumsy, i love cooking, have always wanted to be a florist, had the same job for 5 years, i love home and away, favourite fruit is passionfruit, i can't stand the smell of vegemite so i've never tasted it, jewellery obsessed, fiercely loyal, too forgiving, i have the memory of an elephant, i own too many cookbooks, anytime i play roybn's "dancing on my own" it makes me want to break into an 80's dance routine, i have lived overseas, favourite NRL team - cronulla sharks, love the opera, i drive a hip hop red getz, love maxi dresses, grew up in the sutherland shire, love the beach, i love lara bingle, i constantly make myself laugh, i have swum with whale sharks, have an irrational fear of heights and depth of water, sprained both ankles at the same time, hot air ballooned over cappadocia, was in st tropez and stopped to ask someone where st tropez was!

#7 - your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality
taurus and it fits my personality like a glove!

#8 - a moment when you felt the most satisfied in your life
i suppose its a collection of moments. travelling to the places i had heard my parents talk about, having saved the money and achieved the goal.

#9 - how you hope your future will be like
much the same as the answer to #2 - happy, healthly, fun, making memories, falling in love, travel, family, friends, puppies, children, cooking, laughing!

#10 - discuss your first love and first kiss
i'll start with the first kiss, and i'm talking - proper kiss, not a peck on the cheek. i was out out with my first boyfriend, and we were walking between nightclubs (yes i was a late bloomer - 18 years old) hand in hand, we stopped and had a quick kiss, and once we got to the club i am pretty sure the vengaboys - "the vengabus" was playing (there's that elephant memory) and we were on the dancefloor and the "moment" was right. it was awkward, and i was nervous.

i'm cringing at the memory! but what a lovely memory to have. 

first love was a different story... i fell hard and fast with that boy. it was all consuming, exciting and nerve wracking. he was such a good looking (and i think he still is) boy, a head full of curly hair, fair skin, freckles. he was popular with everyone, his mates and all the girls, and i couldn't believe that we were a couple. he was so carefree and fun, and when it ended my heart was broken for a very long time. oh first love.

they all hate us, a momentary happiness, depends what day it is
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