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inspirational RunwayScout

Since launching in November 2010, RunwayScout.com has epitomised sleek, chic and unique style with their range of bold accessories and most recently adorned fashions.

I had a chat to creator Susan Jacob about the inspiration behind her online boutique and what inspires her.

tell me about RunwayScout.com and the inspiration behind it?
RunwayScout.com was born out of a passion for online shopping, fashion and helping women feel good about themselves. I wanted to create a website where women can shop in style and know that what they're buying is not only fashion-forward but also timeless and wearable for more than one season. I don't like being a slave to fashion trends, so I try to incorporate the latest styles in our offering by ensuring that they aren't going to go out of season after a couple of wears. I also wanted to make sure that women have constant access to us with any questions or concerns they have about what they're wanting to purchase. We've been commended on our commitment to customer service many times, and this is what keeps me going - knowing that women enjoy shopping with us and feel confident and secure in doing so, which is very important when it comes to online shopping. I also love blogging and creating new posts about current trends and how we get inspired for the styles we buy each season.

tell me what fashion trends you think will be big this winter and beyond?
I think the 60s trend will be huge this winter, featuring fur, lace and pleating. This is perfect for RunwayScout.com because we love such a feminine style but also like adding a "tough" pretty look to it with our accessories from Mezi and House of Baulch. The colour palate will also feature lots of soft colours such as nudes, lilacs and apricots, and of course the ever-faithful greys and blacks... all of which will be featuring our winter range.

what is your personal style?
Feminine with an edge (hopefully I achieve that!).

who do you see as an up and coming designer to watch?
Michael La Sorado. I think his style mantra is similar to mine - effortless and modern with a design edge. I would love to stock his designs on RunwayScout.com one day.

michael la sorado

do you tend to go with more or less when piecing together outfits?
It depends on what I'm wearing! If i have a lot of detail in my outfit I tend to go minimal with accessories - but if I have a fairly basic outfit I will definitely layer it up with accessories and go bold with bracelets, rings and necklaces. 

what are your top 5 pics on RunwayScout.com
Ever Layne's cropped (faux) fur vest has been hugely popular. We sold out recently and have replenished our stock with XS to L sizes for a second time. Cameo is also a winner with the Let It Fall Dress and Deadbeat Summer Dress. Bling & Chic (a designer from Brisbane) has also been a popular label with all sizes.

ever layne cropped fur vest
bling & chic never mind skirt and someday top

ever layne batwing mini dress

bling & chic pleated skirt

what is your earliest childhood fashion moment?
My mum has incredible style and she dressed me very well when I was little. My earliest fashion memory would be visiting a shop at Indooroopilly with my mum called Samantha and Charles, with her buying me incredible frocks. We would also visit another shop in the Wintergarden called Lee Bird - I remember owning a black and white sleeveless dress with tulle underneath it - it was so special, finished with shiny patent mary janes. I have alot of early childhood fashion moments. But these two are my favourite. I think my mum's style influenced mine alot, it is very classic and timeless, always elegant without trying, which is how I like to be in fashion.

in keeping with the thingswhichinspire theme, can you tell me about your:

style inspiration
I have lots of style inspiration! Christine Centenera is my massive style crush (fashion editor for Harpers Bazaar) - apparently she chooses her outfits on a whim each morning but she always looks carefully put together. I lust after her style. I also like the simplicity and elegance of people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Kate Bosworth - they all have that innate sense of style that you just can't learn - you're either born with it or you're not!

christine centenera
gwyneth paltrow

kate bosworth                                                         kate moss               

holiday inspiration
I would love to visit the Amalfi Coast. I haven't been there but it definitely intrigues me, a does India with its people and rich colours. Places I have visited which inspire me are the north shore of Hawaii and Tokyo. The Japanese have an incredible sense of style and love for fashion.

amalfi coast

hawaii north shore


music inspiration
I think music videos are hugely influential in upcoming trends. I watch people like Rhianna very closely to see what might be coming up as the next big thing. I love anything that makes me want to exercise (as this doesn't come naturally to me!)... so a mix of dance and r n b. I am also a sucker for a ballad from Coldplay (e.g. The Scientist) or Guns n Roses (yes seriously!).

food inspiration
my friends know I am a pretty lame cook so this is a difficult question. But I do love a great pasta dish and sushi. I pretty much eat on the run because I am so busy... but I do love fresh sushi and rich pasta dishes! And you Shella inspire me constantly with your amazing cooking skills and delicious creations.

the person or thing which inspires you
My husband Anthony - he's the one person who motivated me to start my online business. He commits himself to a passion and never gives up, this has now become my personal mantra. I am also inspired by other small business owners - e.g. the local coffee shop or boutique - I love chatting to them about their business as I know how difficult it is to start your own business, and how much work goes into it. It's almost like 'counselling' when you chat to another business-owner, you seem to understand each other and the stresses which go with owning your own business. It is a very vulnerable thing - putting yourself and your ideas out there and hoping other people understand. It is also incredibly rewarding when you receive encouragement and positive feedback from your customers, which ultimately keeps you going.

If you're after a dose of wardrobe inspiration, please visit Susan's online boutique at www.runwayscout.com

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