Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Inspired Shopping Guilt

sportsgirl isabella woven tote

Seven years ago, on the first night of my two year working holiday in London, someone broke into the living room of my friends house (where I was sleeping at the time) and stole a handful of my things - including a bag similar to the one above. I was devastated. I've been going on about that bag ever since and I constantly look for a replacement. One of my besties had the exact bag and every time I saw her use it, I had total bag envy! She informed me last week that her bag went to heaven recently and I felt so much better.... cheeky but true.

So after seeing an email come through that Sportsgirl was having a flash sale - 30% off all bags, I couldn't resist. I've been eyeing off this 'isabella woven tote' for about a week now, I keep going in store to try it on and see how practical it is for my everyday needs. I can't afford it, and should be saving for my Hawaii trip, but I just had have it. Who can resist a woven tote with tassels?

A friend described it as 'perfect for your sneaky sleepover, spontaneous beach trip or slouchy work day'.

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