Friday, 20 May 2011

Inspiration for the Weekend


images of inspiration waiting for my weekend to begin

  • if I could wake to this every morning I'd be calm and happy everyday
  • yum
  • yum
  • lusting after this Giles and Brother Hook Cuff
  • Bambi for Oyster = stunning
  • awaiting the arrival of my retro leather camera case
  • HOT pink clutch from Topshop, yes please
  • supercute
  • another desired item from Topshop
  • closing scene from Shakespeare in Love, one of my favourite movies, it offers a promise of new beginnings
  • thinking this could be an essential item for my Hawaii getaway in August
  • inspired organisation
  • sultry and beautiful - favourite track #3 turning tables
  • peace

theyallhateus, thirteenlittleloves, because i'm addicted, il etait une fios, topshop, google images and others

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